Safer. Smarter. Stronger.

Israeli-born Mirav T. Boulton is a world renowned Self Defense expert, specializing in Krav Maga (Israeli Contact Combat).  With over 17 years of  experience as a trainer, Mirav founded Defense Tactics™ (International Combat Training) and Recharge™ (Alternative Functional Fitness) and set an ambitious goal to inspire and train her numerous personal clients and groups at all levels, no matter where they are in the world.  Mirav’s passion is to motivate, empower and to give YOU the mental and physical skills to feel confident, safe and physically fit.

Mirav studied, trained and served with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), at the Wingate Institute (Israel) then completed and instructed many international training courses.  She holds university degrees in Psychology and Criminology.  With numerous appearances on television; she has also featured in magazines and newspapers throughout Europe. Mirav is often invited to demonstrate her work at many international self-defense workshops and seminars covering self-defense related topics.

Recently Mirav became a mother and says:

“Having my daughter made me realize how fragile and precious life is, I will do anything for my child and protect her from any harm. By sharing my knowledge, experience and personal story online I hope I can inspire people, especially women, to benefit from my knowledge and become strong, determined, driven “lionesses” able to protect themselves and their loved ones, while at the same time feeling amazing.”

Mirav is now excited to be able to bring her vast expertise and training direct to you, in the comfort of your own home.  She looks forward working with you to help transform and to enhance your life.